Zombie Movie Dream

Last night I dreamt a full length film. It was a zombie movie with Pauly Shore as the hero, and Seth green as the main zombie villain. Oddly, the movie was well scripted for a dream.... but I guess zombie movies don't require much of a script. Pauly Shores performance wasn't even that bad, and he only called one of the zombies a weasel once.
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If you had 75$ to waste on internet shopping what would you buy?

(Yes, I have 75$ that pretty much is worthless to me for real life needs..... so I've just been holding onto it until I needed something I could order online........oddly 75$ is hard to use for anything too nice, but too much for anything too small.... multiple small items might be necessary.)

This is my leading contender, but it means I'd have to shell out some extra $

Angel Box Set

Dang it

I need to run to target, and no one is available to go with me. I hate going to target alone, its a much happier experience with friends.
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It was dream-logical

last night I dreamt that............. I was borrowing the 24 hour fitness Bat (man) suit. (yeah, that doesn't exist in reality). But one of the previous employees got pissed at me because he wanted to use it-- at like 2 in the morning-- and shot me out of the sky as I was flying above the roof tops. When I smashed into the pavement, I woke up with that.... "I just died in my dream feeling" (uneasiness). After going back to sleep I dreamt that one of the female personal trainers at the gym got dumped by her boyfriend and wanted me to have sex with her just so she could feel better. Which would of been great, except its the one personal trainer I'm not attracted to... and wouldn't want to be caught sleeping with. In the dream, my mother walked in on us.... then told my manager and assistant manager about it. Which was embarrassing. Why can't I dream about people I actually want to sleep with during sex dreams? towards the end of this dream I was trying to carry my cat Oreo through a mud storm to safety. I don't really feel like explaining how I got to the mudstorm, because it was dream-logical, but makes no sense now.
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